viddi makes pre-screening candidates via
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We all know how expensive it can be finding and recruiting the right talent.

Interviews are great but you can waste a substantial amount of time in first round interviews just screening candidates before interviewing the people you want.

viddi speeds up the recruitment process by allowing you to engage the candidate with pre-interview questions that they can answer via a video from their PC, laptop, tablet or phone. It gives you a tool to save time and money in the recruitment process, making pre-screening affordable and much more effective.

How it works

viddi provides you with a simple process to make video interviewing easy


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Review/share responses

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We offer both a free trial and a demo of viddi so that you can test our software in a way that suits you. Get started today.

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How you can use it

viddi is perfect for any size business and can be used in any recruitment solution, whether you’re an agency or a business hiring internally.


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    Want a simple video interviewing solution that works for you?

    Want a simple video interviewing solution that works for you?

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    There’s a package to suit any business.




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