How to use Viddi

Viddi is a great tool for any business looking to use video interviewing for candidate pre screening.

Watch the video below to see how video works from both your and the candidate experience.


The Recruiter’s Experience

The Candidate’s Experience


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Clients love using Viddi

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  • What is viddi?

    viddi is a fun, new way to conduct candidate interviews.
    viddi is a third-party, one-way video interviewing platform used by company recruiting teams to screen potential candidates for a particular role/s. This allows the company recruiting team to gain an initial impression on a broader range of candidates prior to a face to face interview.

  • What is a one-way video interview?

    A one-way video interview allows a candidate to answer a set of pre-determined questions via a recorded video which they submit as part of their application for a particular role/s. Once submitted, the recruitment team will view each video response and shortlist candidates in their own time.

  • What do candidates need to perform a video interview?

    All you need is a webcam – either on your PC, tablet or mobile phone
    viddi is a cloud based platform that allows candidates to submit their video responses using the login and password information provided on the invitation email.

  • What is the difference between viddi and other platforms like Zoom and / or Skype?

    Unlike Zoom and Skype, viddi is specifically designed for one-way video interviews. As a result, viddi offers a range of features not found on Skype or Zoom, such as:

    viddi’s one-way interviewing means that both parties (recruiter and candidate) do not need to be present at the same time to conduct the interview
    An interview is set up, along with a list of questions, which is then sent to candidates to respond to in their own time
    There is no phone / email tag. There is no diary management.
    Multiple candidates can interview simultaneously
    Recruiters can review and shortlist candidates in their own time
    Recruiters can share a candidate video with other key stakeholders in their team

  • Why should I use viddi?

    Because it is REALLY easy and intuitive to use!
    viddi is a fun and new way to find the best candidates for your business. Some of the many benefits of using viddi include:

    Create a tailored interview for each role
    Candidates can respond anywhere and anytime
    Review multiple candidates simultaneously, saving you time and cost
    Great way to replace first round or phone interviews
    Share candidate videos with other members of your team – increase collaboration on the candidates that will best fit your business
    Provides you with greater insight on each candidate – allowing you to spend more time on the “yes’s” and less on the “no’s”
    Candidates are becoming more used to this form of interaction and engagement

  • How do candidates respond to being video interviewed as part of a company’s recruitment process?

    The feedback we have had from potential applicants has been overwhelmingly positive. Some examples include:

    It gave them a positive impression that the company they were interviewing for is modern, dynamic and considerate of their time
    It enabled them to express themselves and articulate their answers in an environment of their choice
    It allowed them to be more themselves
    It was extremely convenient that the interview could be conducted on any device – it is far easier to complete and respond promptly
    It accelerated the recruitment process – they no longer had to “wait their turn” to progress